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Counseling Office


Credit Recovery

If you need to make up classes and/or credits, see your counselor to get an application for adult school or an occupational center.
Ms. Kodama
 Ms. Kodama, Master Program Coordinator
Phone: (323)568-5646
Mr. Marquez, Law, Government & Public Service Academy Counselor
Phone: (323) 568-5657
Ms. L. Lopez-Rodriguez, Media Arts and Communication Academy Counselor
Phone: (323) 568-5650

Counselor health and science Ms. Natividad
Ms. Natividad, Counselor Health and Science
Phone: (323) 568-5651

Ms. Gomez
Ms. Gomez, PSW
Phone: (323) 568-5652
Ms. Rivera
Ms. Rivera, PSW
Phone: (323) 568-5649
Counseling Office Technician, Ms. Gama
Ms. Gama, Counseling Office Technician
Phone: (323) 568-5643
Mr. Sanchez, Assistant Principal, Counseling Services
Phone: (323) 568-5647
Mr. Corona, Math, Science & Engineering Academy  Counselor
Phone: (323) 568-5655
Ms. Basulto, AVID & Magnet Counselor
Phone: (323) 568-5653
Mr. Gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez, School Psychologist
Phone: (323) 568-5650
Mr. Hutchinson
Mr. Hutchinson, Bridge Coordinator
Phone: (323) 568-5656
Mr. Luis Espinoza Counselling Office Technician
Mr. Espinoza, Counseling Office Technician
Phone: (323) 568-5645